The NEARLY FESTIVAL returns to the THE OLD HEATH in Colchester with a 2 Day family festival experience featuring superb live acts live on stage, a dedicated KIDS ZONE, the delicious STREET FOOD MARKET and the PUB IN THE PARK with it’s pub prices!

Nearly Festival Colchester 2021
First Act On Stage In

Improved for 2021 – even more FREE kids activities plus loads of traditional fairground attractions that will keep toddlers and tear-aways happy all day!

Forget limp festival hot-dogs and soggy burgers. The Street Food Market offers a large choice of freshly prepared and healthy treats, snacks and meals to suit all.

Forget limp festival hot-dogs and soggy burgers. The Street Food Market offers a large choice of freshly prepared and healthy treats, snacks and meals to suit all.



No Afraid Not. We do provide an excellent & reasonably priced Street Food Market and licensed bar to keep you fed and watered throughout the day. However we understand the families with toddlers need to bring essentials. (please see below)

Yes amazing as it may seem, you wouldn’t believe how many times we get asked this! Sadly the real stars, including Freddie Mercury The Beatles and Amy Winehouse are unable to be with us in person, however we have searched the UK to bring you some of the best tribute shows, impersonators and tribute bands that we believe are the next best thing!

Gates open at 12pm midday
Music may start between 12.15 and 1pm subject to location. Please see set times posted approx 7 days before the event on social media and 3 days before event in ticket holders advice emails
Music curfew: Saturday 9/9.30pm. Sunday 8/8.30pm (both in daylight)
Bars close: Saturday 9pm. Sunday 8pm
It’s a first come first served policy for your placing your chairs & blankets..

Yes. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and bring your own chairs, tables and blankets. It is sometimes necessary to have a marked out chair-free zone directly in front of the stage to allow room for dancing

Yes of course – indeed, we have been described as providing the best outdoor toilet facilities of any outdoor event.  Constantly attended by a team of toilet attendants, there are ample toilet facilities at Nearly Festival events. This includes facilities for the disabled

Limited dog tickets are available to control numbers.

  • £ Pound per hound
  • All proceeds to a dog charity
  • Please remember dogs must be kept on leads and please not near food area or the Kidzone

Please bear in mind we have children running around that may be scared of the friendliest of dogs! Please keep dogs away from Kidzone & Food market & take full responsibility for any mess.

Of course you can. We also welcome you to share your photos and videos on our social media pages. Please refrain from photographing children that are not within your group. Commercial photographers / videographers will need to get in touch please

Please do NOT bring your own food and drink into the Arena.

Under 5’s & Children are permitted to 500ml water or soft drinks and cheap options will also be available in the Kidzone  (see SOFT DRINKS below)

Bags will be searched on arrival, any food or drink found will be placed securely for you to collect after the event.


All Baby food
Small Fruit and Snack boxes within reason for small children.
Strictly No large food hampers or large picnic boxes

Food Intolerances

Many of our food vendors are able to supply vegetarian & gluten free options.
We also have a specialist food vendor who caters for vegan customers – feel free to contact @Fitzroysstreetfood prior to event to discuss menu options
Those with extreme food intolerances, please contact us to discuss further.

The Nearly Festival does provide a fully licensed bar and excellent catering facilities at reasonable prices:-

Pub in the Park – A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. inc Lager, Cider, Spirits, wine and local ale.
Street Food Market – Food vendors offering the following options:-
Wood fired Pizza, BBQ, American style Diner, Noodles, Jacket Potatoes, Vegan/ Gluten Free vendor ( these may vary – see social media before event for full line up )
Unfortunately, there are no cash machines on site.
Cash Only


Nearly Festival operates the Challenge 25 policy.
If you look under 25 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol.
Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 18.
Do not buy alcohol for persons under the age of 18 – if you do, you risk being ejected from the event.
There are a number of bars located around the site serving alcohol (to over 18s only) and soft drinks during licensed hours.
All bars are operating are Cash Only.


Please drink responsibly.
Alcohol will dehydrate you, pace yourself and top up with water or soft drinks.
Drinking and driving is an offence. Don’t risk the life of yourself and others.

• Ice cooled Soft Drinks will be sold in the Kids Zone at very reasonable prices (Waters & Fruit shoots 50p, various cans 50p-£1.00)
Tots (0-4 years) and Kids (5-15 years) are permitted to bring 500ml of water or soft drinks.
Plastic bottles or cartons must have an unbroken seal.
Tap water available through the day on request via Event control and First Aid.
Soft drinks will be available from most vendors at supermarket prices


Please Print or Download your E-Tickets to mobile devices, ready to show at gate & swap for event wristbands.

Dont Panic! We have this….!!

Please dont message us please check Spam/Promo/Junk folders –


If you still can’t find please email

Please Add event location, ticket type & your email address you purchased the tickets with

If it’s the festival day and you don’t have your tickets then a ‘last ditch’ lifeline is available at the festival door. We will usually be able to check you in manually (without the barcodes on your tickets) providing we can find your booking on the system. We may need to ask you security questions, such as the email you purchased the tickets with – or – last 4 digits of the card you paid with to confirm the booking. Everyone who you are holding tickets for should be present if you do this.

No, we cannot transfer your tickets between festivals. All festivals are run independently. Your tickets will ONLY be valid for the venue and date for which they were purchased. If you have accidentally booked tickets for the wrong venue, we can manually refund/re-purchase tickets for you by emailing us HERE

Yes, you can sell your tickets if you cannot attend. The easiest way to do this is to print the tickets out onto paper and give them to the buyer. You cannot however duplicate tickets. Every ticket is individual an can only be used once. Once the first person checks in, the ticket ID will be invalid for entry.

Unfortunately all Event Tickets are non-refundable.

Feel free to pass ticket/s on to friends or family.

Alternatively, you can try to sell them, see CAN I SELL MY TICKETS?.

Under 5’s are FREE and do not need tickets.
Kids tickets available for 5-15 years.
Teen Tickets available for 16-17 years
Student Tickets available for 18-21 years with valid ID.
Under 5’s are FREE and do not need tickets.
Kids tickets available for 5-15 years.
Teen Tickets available for 16-17 years
Student Tickets available for 18-21 years with valid ID.

• In our continuing effort to make Nearly Festival accessible to everyone, we provide disabled ticket holders a discounted ticket for their registered carers.

Carer to pay the concessionary student/teen rate alongside the standard adult or child ticket.
Simply purchase from website as normal.
Please email with any further queries.